Alzheimer – Rehersal 17.

Benoit wasn’t there. Lydie wasn’t there. So we were reduced to be a trio for that evening. But Benjamin invited one friend of his, a guy called Eddy, to play bass with us.  Now Eddy has not been playing bass for a long time: a mere two years. But he is very good ! And most of all, I sensed rapidly that he was a true musician and that he is a fast learner and he could improve rapidly. And above all he seems to be a gentle human being, and he had excellent shoes ! 🙂
So I think he will be the bass player for the band Lydie and I want to make.

We jammed a lot, played Day Tripper, and also a brilliant fantastic and very long version of “Sympathy for the devil”, which I really enjoyed singing. Cherry on the cake, Benjamin did some excellent drumming on this. It’s a shame it hasn’t been recorded.  We also jammed on “Jean Genie”.

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