Live with Ludo, Benjamin and Eddy in Maxeville.

I was invited by Ludo to join an ephemere band that would be opening a private show in Maxeville. The band consisted of Ludo and I on guitar (I being given the reponsability of the lead vocals), with Eddy on bass and Benjamin on drums. We played inside a large hall, on a truck. There was a lot of reverb and the sound wasn’t very good.  We did a good performance, especially considering we never rehearsed, but unfortunately there was little people there. (And the folks that were there were more interested by the barbecue than by our performance).
The setlist:

You really got me
Dani California
Sympathy for the devil
The Jean genie
Jumping Jack flash

I enjoyed singing, of course. But I would have prefer to benefit from an energy feedback from the auience.  The best thing that comes out of this performance is the confirmation that Eddy is indeed a very good bass player and that he will fit Lydie and I’s band.
The only photograph of our performance has been taken by Héléa Miel.

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