FRIDAY 2nd JUNE 2017

Lydie, Chrissie, Zongy & Danny – Impromptu live performance at O’Resto.

I was asked to do the live sound mixing for the St Nic show of “Cuivre Mais Chant” at L’autre Filature”.
Lydie came with a friend of her called Christine, who she wanted me to meet. After the show, we all chatted a little, and then Danny proposed to go to his nephew’s place, a restaurant in Bayon called “O resto”. Lydie was a bit relunctant, but Christine was all for it so there we went.
Luckily, I got my guitar with me. (You never know when you’ll need a guitar so always have one with you if you can 😉 ).
When we arrived there, we were welcomed by his nepehew, called Mikael, and his partner in the retsaurant called Nicolas. They were very generous and warm with us.  I got my guitar out, and we all bust into songs right away.  We started with “Sweet dreams are made of this” by Marylin Manson, because Nico said he liked Marylin Manson, and I wanted to make a good impression. And then it all started from there.  Chrissie sang with us, she has a beautiful voice but she needs to sing louder. And danny played percussions with some rice inside a plasctic bottle. Very efficient ! He also sang a bit with us.
For the songs, it was all improvised so it was a mix of songs we knew Lydie and I, but also various requests from the audience. They wanted mainly french stuff, so I had to do my best by memory or by trial and error, to accomodate.  Many songs I had never played before ! But I think I did a good job. Some times we sang all together, some times Lydie went outside to smoke, so I stayed with Chrissie and Danny to sing more songs. I was delighted to see that Chrissie knew “Jealous guy”, so we sang it together and that was a nice moment.
We all had some warm and grateful cheers from everyone.  Mike and Nico offered us all our drinks (and there was a lot!), and also delicious food, and they offered us to come up with a date for a “proper” concert, and they will pay us . We settled down on June 21st, which is Music Day in France. Perfect !
At one point, Mikeal created a circle of fire all around me (really !), so I sang “Light my fire” by the Doors. I hope someone took photographs of that.

Some photos were taken but I don’t have any yet. And the whole thing seems to have been filmed and broadcast live on Facebook !  I got those videos. 🙂

20170603_021354 20170603_021521





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