Notre Groupe – Rehearsal 3.
A very good rehearsal, and a first with a bass player, thanks to Lydie ! 🙂
His name is Stephane, and he made a good impression. Hopefully it was the same for him. We started by playing the two Queen songs (I played bass for the last time). And then we indulge ourselves into “Solarworld”. Pierrick suggested we add some Queen-like vocals on the intro. We tried that. Stephane took his bass and played with us, even though he didn’t know the song. He followed quite well.
And then we played “Comfortably numb”, and Lydie tried herself on the keyboards, and she was a real trooper. She’s really motivated and she’s enjoying this a lot. I played the first solo (on acoustic), and Pierrick played the second).
Everything was filmed.
…and shit. It was the last reunion of this wonderful band 🙁
20170628_200316 Yeah2

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