Recording :
“Let’s get drunk on love -part 1” acoustic demo.
“Let’s get drunk on love -part 2” acoustic demo.
“Let’s get drunk on love -part 1” (take 1).
“Let’s get drunk on love -part 2” (take 1).

A miracle has happened !  I woke up that morning with a complete song in my head (among many other things 😉 ).
I started in the morning to record on the phone some easy guitar/vocal sketches, so that I could remember the song. I needed lyrics, and so I started to think that maybe I could use one of Lydie’s song from Alzheimer.   I searched a little and found out that “Let’s get drunk on love” was the perfect choice, give or take a few modifications.
Then suddenly I thought of … another song !  Which I decided to call “part 2”.
In the evening, I started to work on the real demos, by programming some drums.  It was boring as hell !
But the good news is that ther is a new “Lydie/Zongy” song in the universe 🙂




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