Sometimes in 1990

Recording: ‘You too’
Antelio Studio – all night long – P: Yves Kreidl.

The original track as it came out of a one-night stand memorable session. For a long time, this single song was the most advanced recording I’ve ever made. Yves was in the same class as me, studying video editing, and I knew he was very interested in building his own home-studio. He had already bought a 8-trax Fostex machine and a few other equipments. Once he had set up his gears, I suggested to record something, just to ‘try things out’. This opportunity was a major step forward for me, because the only multitrack recording I ever made was on a 4-track with Stef. Now with 8-tracks facilities I could do what I always looked for: put down layers upon layers of instruments and voices. I had just sort of composed a little tune based upon lyrics by Stef, which I modified a lot. When I arrived in the evening to Yves’s place (called Antelio Studio because it was mounted in his father’s glass factory; Antelio being the name of a certain kind of glass), I started to program his Roland drum machine. I already knew what I wanted, but it took forever to obtain it. The real recording phase started quite late, with the two clean rhythm guitars. I then did the bassline, which was improvised on the fly, just as the lead guitar take wich was, as we believed then, just for the fun and would later be replaced by a better one. (As you MAY hear on the first “Dude Remembers” CD release, this just never happened.) It was time to record the voices, around four o’ clock in the morning or something. I did the two backing vocals and the lead singing, writing some additional lyrics just prior to recording them. During all these takes, Yves would add effects and production directly onto the tape, so that when the sun came up in the morning, we could do a rough mix on cassette for the other students to hear. We didn’t sleep that night. I never thought it would take that long, and when I arrived home at six o’clock, my girlfriend was quiet upset and worried. Life’s full of unexpected events!
Released in 1997 on Dude Remembers – volume 1.

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