Sometimes in 1991

Recording: ‘Jammin’ on a Friday night’
White Towel Studio – P: Yves Kreidl, Dude.
Recording: ‘Slides on the ice (new version)’
White Towel Studio – P: Dude.
Recording: ‘Heavy jam with Fred’
White Towel Studio – P: Dude. Present: Dude, Fred.
Recording: ‘Son and daughter’
Stef’s bedroom – P: Dude. Present: Dude, Yann.
Recording: ‘Things we said today’
White Towel Studio – P: Dude. Present: Dude, Val.

Yves Kreidl, (the guy behind the first ‘You too’ recording), suggested one day to lend me some gear, in order to do some stuff. He came home one day of 1991 (I recall it was a Friday evening), with a big console and a synth, and some stuff. We fooled around a lot, and the result is ‘Jammin’ on a Friday night’, a stupidity in which Yves is doing the drum programming and the live mix, and I’m doing some synth, some white noises, and I’m also injecting some random radio stations in the process. ‘Heavy jam with Fred’ is a session where Fred, my cousin, is playing a drumpad (Roland Dr505), and I’m playing loud guitar. We gave titles to our music: ‘First visit’, ‘Strong push’, ‘Judgement day/Kashmir’, and we did ‘Erotic nightmare’ and ‘Foxy lady’. ‘Things we said today’ is played by Dude on guitar and Val on keyboards. It is interrupted right in the beggining by the arrival of Fred, the drummer from Rainbow Warrior.

All those recordings, along with the new version of ‘Slides on the ice’ are lost forever ! (Quite an horrible news, isn’t it?)
However, ‘Son and daughter’ which features Stef and I having fun with a guitar and a set of maracas is still available. It and has been included in 1999 in the fourth volume of the “Dude Remembers” series. Same for ‘Things we said today’, which has been released in 2002 on “Dude Remembers #7”.

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