Rehearsal with the New Trio 9
Not Recording:
‘Look sharp’
Not Recording: ‘One more time’
Not Recording: ‘Fit’
Not Recording: ‘On your radio’
Not Recording: ‘Sunday papers’
Not Recording: ‘I’m the man’
Not Recording: ‘Evil empire’
France 3 basement – 21:00-00:00 – P: Dude. Present: Dude, Thierry, Arnaud.

This rehearsal was not recorded.
We started with ‘Look sharp’, and then procedeed thru the repertoire. This is the day we tried ‘On your radio’ for the first time. It came out quite promising Surely we’ll manage this one more easily than ‘One more time’, which still needs practicing.
For this rehearsal I changed radically my guitar sound, using only a clean, crisp sound. I just stepped on the GT2 unit for the “you gotta look sharp” sections. It was rather effective.

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