Recording: ‘In the flesh?’ (take 1)
Recording: ‘The thin ice’ (take 1)
Bag-end studio – 22:00-00:00 – P: Dude.

I just got my new laptop computer (the MetalHero one, a real cool looking piece of a beast of a computer), so I could resume music making activities. There’s a guy called Pat on Ysn that had posted a really cool cover of “Breathe”, so I had to do some floyd covers, just to show them that he’s not the only one on the scene ! lol. So I decided I’ll be doing “Time” (I wanna be the first to publish this guitar solo on Ysn), and also the whole Wall album, just by myself, because hey…. …I’m me, right ?
Add to that the fact that November 23 (which is the date set for the first Sismeringa Lodge reunion) is coming up fast, I have to be ready, both gearly and humanly. So these Floyd challenges will help me keeping my stuff up to date.
So tonight I did some very simple, but beautiful, stuff: the arpeggio guitar in “In the flesh?”, and the soft first part of “The thin ice”. For ‘In the flesh?’ I did two guitars, one low and one high, and for ‘The thin ice’ I did the main clean guitar and the bass. Later I’ll be doing drums so that I’ll be able to finish those two songs.

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